World Wide Web (WWW)

What is the world wide web (www)

World Wide Web is the online content like text, image and video on the internet, in HTML format and accessed via HTTP and over the Internet. The software used to access www called browser.

WWW is invented by an English scientist Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 while working in CERN. Released outside CERN for the general public in August 1991.

Explanation of the World Wide Web

First of all, WWW is not the Internet and nighter Internet is WWW. World Wide Web simply the web.

choupalxCanva-Web-Internet-World-Wide-Web-Networking-1024x768 World Wide Web (WWW)

WWW is a way to access html pages called websites like you are reading this article. Which are hosted in a web server and these webserver are connected through Internet. Cause of www you are able to send emails, play youtube, access google and more.

How WWW is deffer form Internet

Internet is the back bone of www and other internet things. without Internet we can’t use www.

The Internet is the interconnection between different connecting devices and www is the think that transfer data and information back and fourth using the Internet.

WWW is a thing on the Internet, but with the help of the internet we can use mobile apps and www, IOT and more.

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